#1.  Bask in the achievement of your accomplishment and what it took to get there.  So many times we celebrate our graduation without really taking in what just happened.  Sure we are finished with going to a set of classes and studying for hours on end so now we can sit down and watch a Game of Thrones, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory or some other entertaining show for the sheer pleasure of it and without guilt that we should be studying. (Now that’s life isn’t it?)   But let’s back up for a minute, you have pursued and pushed through to the end and you have the diploma to prove it.  Diploma in hand is the result of your time and energy well spent.  Through thick and thin, perhaps long nights of parties and short nights of sleep.  You pulled “all nighters” of study, it has been your focus for years and now it is done.  So let us consider the qualities that it took you to get that diploma in your hot little hands.  Your qualities such as persistence, active listening, self-discipline, follow through, prioritizing just to name a few.  Consider building on this list as you think about what it took you to obtain your degree.  Truly take a moment to bask and meditate on your qualities.  These qualities do not get put on the shelf or hang on the wall, these qualities are going to take you into your future, they are a part of who you are and what you have developed and honed in on as a result of pursuing your degree. Celebrate your qualities.

#2.  Begin to create what you want your life to look like by being intentional with what you do with your time.  With the understanding that time is one of the greatest gifts after graduation it gives you the opportunity to make conscious decisions on what to do with your twenty four hours.  It may be tempting to veg out on watching the tube or surfing the net but at the end of the day did it get you closer to building the life you desire?  Don’t get me wrong relaxing and destressing is a way to celebrate your new found free time but consider exploring other methods such as meditation, yoga, hiking or other ways of being outdoors.  These are proven methods of relaxation that add health benefits to you.   If you make these a part of your life now you will develop a pattern of ways to help you to destress when life begins to add so much to your plate both personally and professionally.  Celebrate your time.

#3.  Pursue your profession of passion.  Securing the dream job may not have happened prior to graduation so it is a top priority.  Finding the perfect job or that job that takes you one step closer to your perfect job is a step in the right direction.  Don’t give up.  You did not spend years of your life to wind up in a place that gives you the feeling of “Is this it?”   Taking the time to research and talk to people in your field of study and  surrounding yourself with people that are also on this journey perhaps a school mate can help you to stay focused and to encourage one another.  Being around like-minded people is a key to your success.  In today’s world there are many ways to connect with people that are about the business of following their profession of passion.  Through Facebook groups, Meet-up Groups, Master Mind groups or even starting your own group is a way to stay accountable and focused as you go through this new chapter of your life.  Even if you have secured a job in your profession it is of great worth to you to build a team of people around you that you can connect with.  Successful people will tell you that it is through mentors and relationships that they gained a wealth of resources and connections that was invaluable to them.  Celebrate your new chapter with relationships.

Rachel Lupercio, LMFTA, Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist